Machete Spatula Makes Rambo Extremely Jealous

Looking to go all Kill Bill on some burgers this summer? You’re a modern samurai, there’s no doubt about that, but are you selling yourself short with those imitation Hattori Hanzo swords? Get some lethal cooking equipment that’ll showcase your stellar samurai skills.

This Machete Spatula from FireBox may not have been used by Rambo himself, but you’ll be serving some serious game while you grill those burgers in the summer heat. The blade is made of stainless steel with a wooden oak handle for an easy grip. This blade itself isn’t seriously sharp, so don’t bring it with on your missions to rid the world of vermin unless you intend to bash them into submission.

Whether you need some serious steel or need a blade that can double up as a beer opener get your burger-killing self in action with a finesse that’ll make even the best swordmaster jealous.


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