Luxe Valet Service Brings Parking Spots To You In The City

Convenience is something that is simply priceless. Let’s face it, everyone wants to have their cake and eat it. Uber has taken the load off of those who have been stressed over insane cab charges and is making the world more mobile, but what about those who hate making circles around the block looking for parking?

There’s only a certain amount of space in a certain area, and hoping for a free parking spot especially on the weekend can be more than frustrating. A new on-demand valet parking service by the name of Luxe is giving road ragers a much-needed brake. This service, available in major metropolitan areas like Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York, and others, lets drivers use a valet parker to meet them, call for their car, and have their car parked without them having to worry about it.

Though the price will surely vary by city and parking availability, the world just got a lot less stressful, don’t you think?

Luxe Valet Parking App (3)

Luxe Parking App

Luxe Valet Parking App (4)

Luxe Valet Parking App (2)


The app is available in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

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