Lumos Light Up Bike Helmet Keeps Cyclists Safe During The Most Dangerous of Commutes

If you’ve ever tried to conquer the road at night by bicycle without all the necessary reflective equipment, how long was it before you freaked out from all the near misses from traffic? 5 minutes, maybe less? If the technology involved in reflective devices isn’t good enough for you or you’ve been battered by road traffic in the past, smart tech is looking out for you in the Lumos helmet.

Cyclists often feel nearly invisible on the road as the hustle and bustle of everyday has car drivers zipping around like madmen. Keep them aware of your presence with a bike helmet that has integrated brake and turn signal lights for a safer driving experience.

So get some peace of mind while you get to your destination in one piece.
Lumos Light Up Bike Helmet (2) Lumos Light Up Bike Helmet (1)
Source – LumosHelmet

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