Lumio Book Lamp Is The Brightest Decor Idea For Bibliophiles

Usually, when reading in low light such as at night-time, it is advised to get a reading light, so you won’t strain your eyes and can see what you’re actually reading. Well, now there is the Lumio Book Lamp – an LED lamp that is configured in the shape of a physical a book, with pages that light up.

It is unique, and it works well as a low tame light source enough to read under. With the shape of the LED book lamp, it is easy to mount or place anywhere, and makes a very unique light that is aesthetically pleasing to look at; a lamp that mounts perfectly on wall corners. A feat deserving of mention – its ability to open like a book and mount on the corner of a walls – to provide mood altering light, in a good way.

The LED Book Lamp can actually open fully 360 degrees, making it perfect as a hanging light. What else can you use it for? Basically, you can use this light anywhere, such as mounted on walls, on a desk, a hanging light, or a ceiling lamp. And the best part about this already ‘cool’ lamp, it shuts off and turns on when you open and close it. It also has magnetic pegs for easy mounting, and it comes with either Maple of Walnut covers.


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