Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock Is Cold-War Era Device Made With Gas Tubes

There are two things that never fail to turn us on as nerds of exceptional taste: ingenious one-of-a-kind handcrafted products and thoughtfully designed graphs.

The Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock uses a story told through data to rouse our lazy asses from bed, and we’ve never been a happier bunch of morning people for it. Every individual clock is the finished product of eight hours of combining plywood, three coats of fine lacquer, and two ingenious Cold War-era gas discharge tubes that respectively tell the time in hours and minutes when the clock lays flat lengthwise. Stand it on end, and one tube counts down from selectable settings of either 10, 5, or 1 minute while the other displays a neat little pendulum animation. Stand it on its other end to convert it into a meter displaying the intensity of the immediate environment’s sound levels.

Don’t worry about the versatile functions getting confusing. You can tell which mode is currently functioning by the LED indicator or just flip the clock over to shut it off completely while still storing the time.

Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock (2)Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock (4)Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock (1)

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