Luma Mobile Phone Night Light Makes A Cute Lamp Of Your iPhone’s Flashlight

We feature the innovative. We laugh at the ridiculous. We volcanically crap ourselves at the utterly amazing. Sometimes, we even highlight at item or two that we end up bookmarking for later out of pure “Yeah, I indeed want that.”

The Luma Mobile Phone Night Light is none of those. It is simply handy, simple, and we must admit, just plain cute.

The iPhone’s flashlight app might be one of the Apple gadget’s handiest features that never quite gets its due. Remember, once upon a time, you just had to make do sometimes with keeping your screen lit up any way you could.

Still, that illumination sometimes spreads a little too brightly and broadly. No worries. Luma clips easily right over it. Just activate the app and the attachment turns the beam into a pleasntly muted, just-right night light.

Sleep tight – there’s a lamp for that.


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