Lucky Rainbow Puking Garden Gnome Proves There’s Gold At The End Of The Vomit From Partying Too Hard

When would any well-adjusted person associate vomit with any recognized definition of “luck?” That’s what this Lucky Rainbow Puking Garden Gnome already has you asking, isn’t it?

Well, first of all, it’s adorable that you would associate the sanest among our little tribe with the descriptor “well-adjusted.” Oh, you sweet summer child.

More importantly, we would answer your question with a question of our own: how else would you people describe a charming little fellow who spews vibrant bands of color into a pot of gold?

Seriously, we refer to the last time we were happy enough to blow Skittle chunks as simply the best funeral ever. That was our last afternoon with Grandma and it was only a matter of hours. This nine-inch polyresin gnome is perpetually drunk enough with glee to have one encore taste after another of the rainbow as it makes a U-turn back up his gullet and into a pan of precious metal. The ingots even spark under the light.

We haven’t so desperately wanted to party with a little person since…well…like we said, it was the best funeral ever.

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