Lucky Iron Fish Provides Up To 75% Daily Organic Iron With Every Cup

Believe it or not, iron is good for the body, that is why there are iron supplements available, but who likes to take pills when it is not necessary? Well, thanks to Lucky Iron Fish, you can now have iron as part of your diet when you place this little iron fish in your hot tea or hot water, along with just a few drops of lemon.

Drinking just one cup of hot water or tea with your little iron fish will provide you with roughly 75% of your daily iron intake. Is that a good thing? Yes, yes it is, as the right amount of iron one can benefit from improved blood circulation, more energy and increased concentration.

The company behind this clever invention was inspired to help people in Cambodia who suffer from iron deficiency, which is more than 50% of the population. With each purchase, 1 iron fish will go to the buyer and another will be donated to a Cambodian family, it’s a win-win situation, with a goal to tackle iron deficiency everywhere.

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The healthy way to add more iron to your meals

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