Love is in the Air for R2-D2 in This Short Film

R2-D2 has always been probably the most adorable character from the Star Wars franchise, so it seems only fitting that he should find love.

In this short fan-made film Called Artoo in Love by Evan Atheron, we get to see what happens when R2-D2 comes across a particularly shapely dustbin. It’s a sweet film and now hopefully he can finally ditch that loser C3PO. Artoo inLove” debuted at the Sonoma Film Festival.

If you’re impressed by the quality of the effects, then that would be the input of Landis Fields – a LucasFilm effects artist who also played a role in the production.

Watch the film and enjoy being even more psyched for The Force Awakens.

Source – IGN

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R2-D2 Collectibles and Toys
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