It Looks Like a Plant But it’s Actually a Holder for 10 Separate Kitchen Tools!

The ‘Fruits Plant’ at first looks like a plastic plant pot with translucent leaves. And technically it is that. At the same time though, it’s an ingenious item that is capable of storing ten separate kitchen appliances.

Fruits Plant Multi Kitchen Tool Set

Each leaf you see is actually the handle of a separate implement, giving you things like mashers and picks that are easy to grab.

Meanwhile, the multicolored pot itself can be broken down into thin layers like a pancake and that way provide another selection of different tools like graters and bowls.


So you’re probably dying to know what the ten items are. In total then, you’ll get:

  • A masher
  • An avocado scoop
  • Five picks
  • A citrus cutter
  • A mesh cutter
  • An apple cutter
  • A grater
  • A lemon squeezer
  • A grapefruit squeezer
  • And a bowl

As you can see then, you’ll get a few unusual items in the form of the avocado scoop etc. so this one purchase can help ensure you’re prepared for all kinds of cooking challenges. It looks smart on any countertop too and as an added bonus, you’ll get to feel like a green-fingered James Bond every time you use one of the concealed tools.

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