Loog Guitars Teach Kids To Build A Guitar & Play It Better Than You

A parent could offer a child few gifts that broaden horizons in such fulfilling fashion as the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Loog Guitars teach young virtuosos the ins and outs of a six-string from a foundation literally half as complex as starting out with a traditional design.


To know every inch of an instrument is to own it, bond with it, and love it with a depth that will reflect in the music coaxed from it. That’s why every Loog Guitar arrives unassembled. Think of a Jedi building his or her personal lightsaber: your goal is to one day wield it as an extension of yourself. Piecing the instrument together takes only around 15 minutes, but every part of it that comes together enriches a rare sense of personal ownership that unboxing a fully assembled Martin, Les Paul, or Fender just can’t quite replicate. Spend time constructing a Loog Guitar with your child, and you will both come away stunned by the passion for music you are guaranteed to end up sharing.

Same Technique, Half The Strings

Loog Guitars cut frustrating fingerings and technique lessons to half their difficulty by reducing the strings new players have to navigate and keep track of from the whole six to the first three. When taking those first small steps getting acquainted with the instrument, new players can ease into learning finger placement, structure, and strumming that will translate seamlessly to a traditional guitar because the tuning and strings of each note and chord are identical on a Loog. There’s just less to fumble with and aggravate young musicians whose evolving attention spans may otherwise give way to quick frustration.

The Hits Keep On Coming

There’s a certain daunting balance that comes with learning any instrument. Playing full songs solidifies sound technique in an engaging, rewarding, and fun fashion. There’s no better break from the occasional monotony that can accompany constant scales and etudes but realizing just how much skill our favorite artists have poured into performing our favorite songs can become downright intimidating to a student just mastering the guitar’s fundamental fingerings.

In addition to its simplified three-string design, a Loog Guitar’s narrow neck builds confidence in young players by making it encouragingly easy to form perfect chords and play real songs by gifted artists from Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones literally from Day One.

The free Loog app available now via the App Store and Google Play includes easy-to-read chord diagrams, a digital tuner, video lessons, and a beat-keeping monkey drummer to spur your child quickly onto tackling the included songbook. Loog Guitars cut strings and private lesson costs to make learning entire hit songs irresistibly enjoyable for your child.

Source – Loog Guitars

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