Logitech Wireless Touch K400 Keyboard Empowers Couch Potatoes Nationwide

With all the tech out there from PC to laptops to Tablets and everything in between nearly 90% of people go between several separate devices to accomplish a goal. On top of that, 90% of media interactions are in front of a screen and we spend nearly 5 hours in front of them a day.

You could probably use something to combine a couple of your clunky devices to make things a little easier, and honestly all it takes is a simple wire to connect a TV to a PC. While PC to TV sounds like a good idea, it sounds pretty clunky when all you have is an old-fashioned keyboard.

Logitech’s making your conversion a little easier with a Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 plus that won’t cramp on your style while ya navigate the net and imprint those butt cheeks on that stressed couch of yours.
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