Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Is A Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

It’s a reality of PC gaming that pure console gamers unfortunately just wouldn’t completely understand without experiencing it in action: at the highest competitive levels of online play, hardware can absolutely draw the line between victory and defeat. Where skill is equal, a fraction of a second’s advantage in responsiveness can mean executing the perfect input at the perfect time to seal a close game. We damn sure sat up and took notice when Logitech designers claimed their professional-grade G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse is “not only the best wireless gaming mouse on the market, but really THE best gaming mouse on the market.”

From the specs and previews, we’re apt to believe them.

Engineered with elite esports benchmarks for speed foremost in mind, the industry-leading PMW3366 sensor for interaction seemingly at the speed of thought with zero smoothing or pixel-rounding and tracking that maxes out at 300 inches per second. It just might be as close as any gamer ever gets to interfacing a hand’s nerve endings – either hand’s, really, since it happens to also be perfectly ambidextrous – directly a computer itself.

The G900 doesn’t just think fast. It IS that damn fast. Its pivot key system equalizes consistent click profiles for absolutely minimal pressure and energy wasted compressing button plastic before the mouse can sense the input. Go ahead and keep that touch feather-light and faster than a Red Bull-sipping hummingbird.

Meanwhile, Logitech engineers sliced weight from nearly every inch of the G900, most notably in the click wheel, for unmistakably improved inertia and uncompromised all-around performance. For example, its 720 milliamp-hour battery weighs in around 15 grams but can power a full tournament weekend worth of play on a single charge. It’s lightweight, unthinkably responsive, and surprisingly thrifty with drain.

Take into account also that the G900 accommodates multiple stored setting profiles, the customizable color lighting display options, and conveniently mirrored thumb buttons on either side for instantly comfortable left- or right-handed play. All the impressive specs and superlatively efficient design choices individually aren’t as individually impressive as one grander achievement: the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a wireless mouse with speed that levels the playing field between it and traditionally more dependable wired mice.

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