Logitech G650 Lightsync Light Up Gaming Speakers Breaks The Boundaries Of The Game

Every gamer knows that building the perfect gaming setup is all about making it the most immersive experience possible. Sure you can have a great time playing with just your TV screen or computer monitor. But… playing with a good pair of speakers, in a dark room, with lights that sync up to the action happening in the game will put you right into the game.

Unlike most Bluetooth speakers that flash some random lights along with the music playing, the Logitech Lightsync speakers are smart. Two satellite speakers and a subwoofer are fed by a 240-watt amplifier to give you an incredible sounding, surrounding experience. Each of the two 5.8×6.5 inch satellite speakers are outfitted with two lighting zones in the front and back of the base. They then communicate with the game you’re playing to change the lighting accordingly. For now, they only work natively with 12 games, but they’re some of the most popular. Fortnite, CS:GO, and GTA V are all supported. Fortunately, if your game isn’t supported, you can choose different areas of the monitor and sync the speakers with whatever lighting is occurring there.

Getting chased by cops? Flashing red and blue lights will strobe from the speakers. Explosions popping off in the air? Red and orange flashes will put you right in the game. These are just a few of the things that the Lightsync speakers are capable of. They work with the Logitech gaming software (probably already on your PC, but free if not) and connect via USB and 3.5mm audio jack. They are simple to set up and use and provide you with an unrivaled immersive gaming experience by syncing the lights with what exactly is happening in the game.

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