Logitech Create iPad Pro Keyboard Gives Users A Better Way To Type

Let’s talk Apple peripherals for a moment.

It isn’t that they don’t give their level-best to making quality accessories, but from designs to actual functionality, the very best extras to pair with an iThing don’t always come from Cupertino. That’s why we’re more than a bit relieved that Logitech has stepped up and introduced the CREATE iPad Pro Keyboard as an alternative to Apple’s own accessory – you know, just in case.

Again, Apple tries. They really do. However, anybody who has ever tried an iPod or iPhone’s included set of earbuds or sized up one of their home-audio speaker system/charging dock combos can tell that the best peripherals are made by names such as Bose, Sennheiser, Logitech and others who specialize in products that expand any gadget’s effectiveness and versatility.

Instead of a Bluetooth-connective keyboard, Logitech has followed the first-party accessory’s lead and gifted the iPad Pro a keyboard that works with Apple’s newly introduced Smart Connector port. The full-size keyboard is actually designed to complement the iPad Pro in every way, from being built with Apple’s newly rolled-out iOS 9 specifically in mind to a color and finish that indeed look and feel like natural extensions of the lithe new tablet – complete with bump, scratch and spill-resistant fabric for exceptional durability.

Though Logitech hasn’t released pricing details, the CREATE Keyboard will hit stores right alongside the iPad Pro this November.

Source – UberGizmo via Logitech

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