Logitech Circle Smarthome Camera Is a Portable Dropcam Alternative

Your fully connected home keeps everything you could possibly need to manage right at your finger tips, from your thermostat, doorbell and lighting to a completely integrated home theater setup. There’s only one thing you can’t yet do, until now: actively peek in on your home’s goings-on at any time from any device you choose.

The Circle Home Connection Camera delivers real-time HD video streams live to your phone at any time you wish. If you would just as soon get right down to the good stuff, you can relive a full day’s footage in a single 30-second recap clip with the Day Brief function. It’s a bit like a TiVo BOLT for your everyday domestic dramedy.

Don’t sweat the Circle’s judgment for choosing footage, either: Our Scene Intuition “learns” your home’s standard flow of activity throughout the day to better identify noteworthy scenes to show you.

The Circle has a 12-hour battery life that allows it to work wirelessly from room to room seamlessly. Set it up using the stable, adjustable base or test some new angles using the magnetic wall mount. Its indicator light glows white when someone is watching the feed and red when Circle has either lost connectivity or has a low charge. Finally, if you want to add another dimension to your peek in on your loved ones, the 2-way talk & listen feature lets you be there, even when you can’t be there.

Priced starting at $199, the Circle companion app also includes 24 free hours worth of video storage.

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