Loc8Tor Pet Tracker Finds Your Rebellious Critter Without Invasive Microchips

You love your cat or dog. Come on, they’re an extension of your greatness. Whether you have an outdoor pet or not, things happen and pets go missing. It happens to 10 million cats and dogs every year in the US. While this only happens to one in three pets, you still don’t want to take any chances.

If you’re looking to get security-oriented with your rebellious pets but can’t stand the thought of embedding a microchip underneath your pet’s skin, you’ve got some options, one of which being a trackable pet tag.

Loc8Tor’s Handheld Pet Locator weighs in at 5 grams and has a tracking range of 400 feet if you’ve lost track of your critter. Even if you’re not the most pet-friendly person, this device can be used to track your valuables if you’re notorious for losing things.

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