Lobster Roll Custom Motorcycle Is Aquaman’s Ride

Meet Lobster Roll, A Motorcycle Cross Between SONS OF ANARCHY And Sebastian from Little Mermaid.

Yes, that is certainly a motorcycle custom-styled to resemble the consequences of a crustacean boinking a bike. It’s the very finest of its kind that we’ve seen.

Appropriately dubbed “Lobster Roll” by its creator, leather artist Timothee “Timo” Richard, it’s guaranteed to engender one of two likely reactions: either staring until we’re pretty sure Richard just reassures you, “It’s exactly what you think it is” or frantically throwing Pokeballs at it because it is clearly so many times more powerful than Mew.

If you think no amount of Cheddar Bay biscuits evens out how expensive actual edible lobster is, then hold on to your claw-cracker: not counting the bike’s value on its own, the leather work ran the total cost of the customization up to $6,000.

Of course, it wasn’t Richard’s own personal $6,000 that he sank into realizing a fever dream of riding down the road on a massive lobster’s back while cranking its antennae handlebars. No, that distinction belongs to the local seafood market owner who commissioned this charming steed worthy of Aquaman himself.

Because, of course.

As for the rest of us? For the low price of nothing whatsoever, we’re left to imagine a very different way that SONS OF ANARCHY could have played out.


Source – Geekologie


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