Live Video On Facebook Lets You Watch Videos From Strangers World Wide

A live video feature is coming to your Facebook main page, it will be a special interactive map app located in the top left side of your screen called “Live Video,” and what it does is amazing.

There is a basic world map or digital globe with lots of blue dots on it, each dot is some stranger streaming a video from that location, literally all over the world. So, what is good about that? Well, imagine you can click on any location around the world and see what people are doing, watching and filming, through a live video stream, at that moment.

It is overwhelming to consider wading through millions and millions of live streaming videos or clips from strangers, as fun as that sounds, but there is a ranked list of video clips you can browse through to help you. Or, take a chance and click on any random blue dot on the global map, and you will see whats happening there, live.

Facebook Live Video (1)

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