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They Live Alien Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Masks Foretell Our Political Overload Futures

The 2016 race to the White House is fast breaking down into a happening that would be hilarious, if the reality wasn’t sinking in just as quickly that America faces an inevitable battle for the Presidency by seemingly the most comically bonkers, legitimately dangerous yahoo that either major party could possibly support holding the most powerful office in the free world.

Stories this surreal don’t come along every day. When the fate of America soon might just rest in the hands of Donald “Four Bankruptcies, Three Marriages and a Tribble Toupee” Trump…well, if you don’t laugh, you’re eventually going to cry. Don’t miss out on lightning in a bottle. While you can, pre-order your Official THEY LIVE Alien Donald Trump Edition Halloween MAsk from Trick or Treat Studios in time for this topical collectable to arrive as soon as they ship this coming August and September.

Yes, they’ll arrive just in time for Halloween.

Think it’s a coincidence that this psychopath with more money than dignity sets his sights on the Oval Office not even a year after THEY LIVE kicker of asses, chewer of bubblegum and WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s tragic death? Please. Director John Carpenter himself couldn’t have made this shit up if he tried. It is entirely likely our next President will be chosen this November from between two power-hungry nimrods that would be uneasy choices for shift manager of a Krusty Burger built atop an unmanned oil rig.

Oh, and should you possibly have a timely “couple” costume idea in mind: yes, Trick or Treat Studios is also accepting pre-orders for a companion THEY LIVE-inspired Hillary Clinton mask. It’s all just a reminder that there’s not one, but TWO entitled self-parodies that both feel it’s their Satanically ordained destinies to hold America’s highest elected office.

Stay well, Keith David. We’ve never needed you more.


They Live Mask
They Live Mask
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