Liquid Glass Thinking Putty Alters Appearance As You Play With It

The next time your hands go idle a bit too long for comfort, reach for a plaything 100% Unique Hunters-guaranteed NOT to hearken to warnings about sudden blindness and hairy palms.

To be quite frank, we aren’t completely convinced that Liquid Glass Thinking Putty isn’t some kind of long-forgotten Deathly Hallow. When we opened the tin, we almost felt like prank-calling the manufacturer and demanding the whereabouts of our 90 grams (1/5 pound) of malleable play-stuff. The little glob is tequila-clear. After feeling around a bit, we finally started toying with the translucent putty – stretching, bouncing, tearing and squashing it all the live-long day.

Here’s why we couldn’t put it down, except to throw it at Duane from Accounting on his lunch break: its complexion changed as we worked it! It looked as thick as industrial-grade glass. It became cloudy as our thoughts after playing Edward 40-Hands with Four Loko. It resembled both ice and rough calcite crystals.

We’re now trying to teach it to love. Reports forthcoming.Liquid Glass Clear Thinking Puttyliquid-glass-putty-cloudyclear-thinking-putty-glass-snowmanclear-thinking-putty-stretch-twist-tear

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty
Liquid Glass Thinking Putty
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