Liquid Ass Is The Most Foul-Smelling, Horrific Odor Imaginable To Prank With

Imagine walking along through your day without a care in the world drinking your coffee.. Breathe in, and smell that aroma. Ahhhh.  Everything is right with the world, when, out of nowhere you are hit with a smell. Instantly, you pause for a moment as to not shout out in horror because what you just inhaled could not possibly be real. So you take another  whiff, this time a bit deeper, just to be sure. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT INHUMAN STENCH!!

Quickly you realize that stench is beyond shit. Its beyond death. Its a combination of the worst things that can only be dreamt up by Satan himself packed into a tiny spray bottle to eradicate humanity.

It’s Liquid Ass. The Best Prank Ever Imaginable.

ludo smell bad labyrinth

The vile, non-toxic liquid comes a small 1 ounce spray bottle. Don’t be fooled by its small size. Just the tiniest bit is guaranteed to clear out any room in seconds. Better yet, the smell will linger anywhere you spray it for about 30 gut-wrenching minutes of hilarity. The smell is much worse than Sarah and Ludo from Labyrinth had to endure while they tried to cross the Bog of Eternal Stench.

If you are looking for the best prank ever to play on someone, this is it. We swear, there is nothing else that exists in this world that could possibly be worse. This is not that crappy fart spray you see at the local prank store. This is beyond the imagination.

Are you stuck in a board meeting that doesn’t seem like it will end? A quick couple of pumps and you can say bye-bye to that meeting. Want to ride the elevator alone? Going on a long car ride with some friends? The ideas are endless.

We researched and found a few videos of hilarious liquid ass pranks that people have played on others. Take a look at the insanity that followed. Then go pick up a bottle today and prank you friends.

 Liquid Ass Elevator Pranks



10 Total Score

Want to clear out a room in seconds, this is it.

Horrendous Smell Level
Ability To Clear A Room In Seconds
Satan Approved (because you'll be going to hell for using this)
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