Lil Lager Bottle Lets You Watch Your Baby Drink Beer Without Being Sent to Prison

Babies are inherently funny. They fall over all the time, they babble nonsense and they crawl about the place sticking everything in their mouths.

In other words they act like drunks. They even have a tendency to wet themselves and puke everywhere.

Only when babies do it it’s far more adorable and cute than when your make Steve do it.

But if you’re not content to laugh at your baby acting drunk, then how about watching them drink their milk and formula out of a bottle that looks like a bottle of lager? It somehow feels completely wrong but it’s definitely still hilarious.

Will this effectively train your baby to love beer as an adult? Who knows (probably not). But when you consider how funny this will look and how perfect the drunk photos will be for Instagram, it’s hard to care.

The bottle comes from Fred & Friends and will set you back $12. It’s worth it for the hours of shouting ‘Go home baby, you’re drunk!’.

Fred and Friends Lil Lager

What’s next? A baby’s pacifier or popsicle that looks like cigar? Or something even more wrong? This depravity must stop! After you get that last instagram photo…


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