Lightsaber Wiper Blades Deflects Rain Like A Jedi

We never imagined how much more fun driving through rain and snow could be until we tried Saber WiperTags.

To be clear, these are most likely not products officially licensed by Lucasfilm or Disney – hence, why they’re simply known as “Saber” WiperTags to avoid implying any direct association with the STAR WARS franchise. Let’s face it, WiperTags wouldn’t be the first creators to carefully tip-toe past the notoriously tenacious pack of Disney attorneys ready to latch onto throats anytime they suspect someone is making a quick, quiet buck off the House of Mouse’s intellectual properties.

That being said, we’re just going to neither confirm nor deny that these impressively imitate the energy blades and intricate handles of a certain totally obscure sci-fi fantasy’s heroic crusaders. We’ll keep that totally ambiguous. So just imagine how much fun you’ll have making with zwooom lightsaber sounds every time these bad boys take a swipe at the sith rain, sleet and snow that dares try and pelt your car. The empire doesn’t stand a chance, at least until your girlfriend punches you in the arm because you won’t stop making the zwooom sounds.

These totally-not-lightsabers are available in 20″ (minivans and SUVs) and 15″ slip covers that fit functionally over most rear wiper blades.


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Lightsaber Wiper Decals
Lightsaber Wiper Decals
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No Sith Rain Shall Pass

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