Lighted Poolside Basketball Hoop For Day Or Night Water Fun

It seems as if Summer is always around the corner, and when you have a swimming pool, your home is surely the hub of fun activities, both days and nights. Swimming and playing in the swimming pool is great for getting in shape and staying healthy, because, when you are having fun, then getting daily exercise is effortless. And, that’s the best way to stay in shape – engaging in fun physical activity.

That is exactly what the Lighted Poolside Basketball Hoop is all about – having fun, day or night, and getting the exercise you need to stay healthy. This lighted basketball hoop is much like others of it kind, except that you can play with it at night, because of the integrated backboard that lights up.

It comes with a nylon net, and the rim is a decent size of 16”. For the sake of safety and fair play, the poolside basketball hoop is positioned away from the sides of the pool wall 42”, and the basket sits above the water 35”, which is an ideal height for basketball pool games. For stability, it can hold 55 gallons of water or sand, and only requires three AA batteries to power the LED light source.

If you’re looking for warm weather, water fun, day or night, then you need to get your hands on the Lighted Poolside Basketball Hoop.

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