Light Up Bra Is… Eye Grabbing Electrifying Boobie Holders

Do you feel as though your/your girlfriends boobs aren’t grabbing enough attention? Annoying right. One solution is to invest in ever-lower-cut tops. You can also try t-shirts with hand-prints on them.

But nothing will quite do the trick like this light up bra which will light up your/your partner’s fun cushions like a Christmas Tree.

Still not enough? There’s also a flashing function which will blink and flicker until someone pays them attention. Or has an epileptic fit. But if you’re going to have an epileptic fit then that’s definitely the way you’d want to have one…

The bra has a replaceable battery too, so no need to worry when you run out of juice.


Glow Bra Light Up Bra 1 Light up Bra 2 Light Up Bra 3 Light Up Bra 4 Light Up bra 5 Light Up Bra 6 Light up Rave Bra Light-Up-Bra-Main Rave Light Up Bra vanity_bra_1 rhinestone-light-up-bra


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