Light Up LED Shoe Clips Keep You Safe While Running Or Biking Outdoors

We’ve all heard that you should wear bright colors and reflectives on the road when you’re running or biking. This lets cars know that you’re there and to give you space. However, at night unless you have a light on you, vehicles may not see you until it’s too late. Although many bikers and runners refuse to carry a light with them, the danger is still present. The light up shoe clip solves that problem in an easy way.

For this effective solution to work, all you have to do is clip the light up shoe clip onto the heel of your shoe and turn it on. It instantly emits a bright, colored LED light behind you that can be seen at a distance. This gives you excellent visibility and easily lets vehicles know that you’re there. These safety lights help keep you safe without the problems that many other models have. The shoe clip won’t bounce around or weigh you down. In fact, its lightweight design is built to clip easily onto any shoe in a way that you won’t even know it’s there. Easily move the light to a different pair of shoes in seconds so that your FireFly is always with you. No worries though, it securely stays in place during your workout so there is no need to stop and readjust.

The LED safety light comes in three bright colors: green, red and blue. No matter what color you choose, it produces high intensity light that allows others on the road to see you at a safe distance. Now you can run or bike freely knowing that visibility is no longer a concern. Whether you’re exercising in the morning or at night the LED shoe clip makes you stand out.

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