Light Up LED Lawn Dart Set Is The Most Non-lethal Fun At Night

Have you seen the Brightest Lawn Dart Set… ever? These aren’t your grandpa’s lawn darts that had 4 inch steel tips and could put someone’s eye out, or stop a zombie at 20 feet. No, these are non-lethal lawn toys that don’t require supervision to prevent potential ‘lethal’ accidents from happening. These are glow lawn darts each have a round, soft rubber tip that make them safe to throw around the house, for ages eight years and older.

The Brightest Lawn Dart Set is the ideal family fun activity, why? Because, night-time is the best time for friends and family to come together. When school is out for the day, and parents are home from work, it is during the night when most families have time to spend together. It doesn’t have to be week-nights with the family, it can be on weekends with friend at the beach or at the park.

The glowing lawn darts look amazing, while flying through the air at night, thanks to the twin LEDs built into each one of these high-density plastic darts. With two illuminating colors, blue and green, there is no mistaking who’s dart is who’s. There is also a dart carrier, which makes it easy to carry the set and prevents your darts from getting lost.

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