Light L-16 Is a 16 Cameras In One Small DSLR Alternative

Photography has changed the world in many, many ways – it has changed history, it has recorded history, and it is constantly making history each day photographers are out and about taking pictures of our world. However, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to take high-quality pictures with bulky top-of-the-line cameras. Really, is that true? Yes, it’s true.

Introducing, The Light L16 Camera – a revolutionary camera the size of a smartphone that takes high quality pictures using a configuration of 16 individual lenses to produce images that were unthinkable before. This is made possible because of the advanced imagery engine the pocket camera has that orchestrates 10 of the cameras to fire simultaneously, producing amazing photographs.

The technology has been developed to meet the needs of people today. Social networks are the highways of the future, where people express themselves daily, and picture-taking and sharing is a HUGE part of what people do online. The Light arms everyday people with a camera that can take pictures just as good as top-of-the-line bulky cameras that professional photographers use, but is as small as a smartphone.

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