Light-Up Hoodies Blink To The Beat In A New Electric Fashion Trend

We always had a feeling that some of the more risky fashions of the ’90s would inspire whole revolutions eventually, once the rest of the world caught up with just how far ahead of their time they were. Even we’re a little gobsmacked to see trends in illuminated clothing that have us thinking, “Screw the self-lacing Nikes, give us back our L.A. Lights.”

Admittedly, it makes us feel downright provincial to acknowledge that hyper-color shirts and black-light paint once absolutely shattered our fragile little minds. Yet, here we are, magnitudes more blown away by a blossoming trend of Light-Up Hoodies that add brilliant electric accents to fashion’s most utterly perfect outerwear.

Whether you’re headed to one of 2016’s most hotly anticipated music festivals, a one-off warehouse rave or just the local skate park, these sensational hoodies make you the definitive sight to see where people go to be seen. Available in several cozy sizes, these great-looking hoodies’ sound-activated light packs set off luminous LEDs to the beat of whatever jams are rocking your world in five brilliant colors – blue, green, red, white, or pink.

Look to switch things up? Reach into the left pocket and toy with the built-in remote to turn the Light-Up Hoodie’s LEDs on or off and swap between fast and slow blinking modes.

Then again, when it’s on, why switch it off?

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