Lifesize Alien Warrior 3D Wall Art Brings The Terror Of A Rampaging Xenomorph Home

When you come across one of the few legitimately positive derivatives from a depressing letdown of a crossover between two legendary sci-fi properties, you’re damn right, you display it proudly on your wall.

If it just happens to be a limited-edition Alien Warrior Wall Art fashioned after the Xenomorph design seen in AVP, you jump right into the auction and hang in there until the last moment.

This prop is a three-foot-tall, three-dimensional silicone prop hand-cast and individually airbrushed in ominous detail to create the illusion of a feral Xenomorph warrior crashing straight through your wall in search of one ugly motherf***er to tear in half. If there’s one glowing bit of praise we can always heap upon the two disappointing ALIEN-meets-PREDATOR showdown, it’s that the first installment’s Xenomorph’s did 100% justice to the late H.R. Giger’s nightmarish creature designs. In turn, this stunningly realistic piece hits all the right notes and even accommodates additional lights and goo for enhanced terror.

Piece will arrive personally signed by the prop artist within 30 working days of a completed payment.

Hangs easily onto any doors or walls prefered.

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Game Over Man! Game Over!

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