LifeCard Is The World’s Thinnest Powerbank That Charges When You Need It Most

If you want to do anything today, you need power, and lots of it, especially if you use an iPod of an iPhone, these need the ‘juice’ – full battery charge at all times, and when battery power is gone, you can’t live your life. In fact, accessing vital iPhone features such as the ability to surf the net, make important calls, conduct online banking, and countless other vital chores modern people need to do to conduct their active lives, is now a necessity.

Thankfully, there are external power packs available that active people use to recharge their electronic gadgets, when away from an electrical wall socket or USB port. However, not all power packs and charging rates are the same, meaning that some power packs take much longer to charge themselves than others.

If you need power, and you need it now, then the LifeCard will get your life back online in no time because it boasts a hardy 1,500 mAh battery that charges at lightning fast speed, so you don’t have to wait around at a USB port charging your power pack, like you do with other mobile power packs. And, it is small and sleek enough to fit in any purse or pocket comfortably because of its convenient credit card size.


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In this case, being small is actually a great thing

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