Life-Sized Deadpool Replica Brings The Merc With The Mouth Home In 1:1 Detail

There are some characters that cardboard standees, Funko POP! Vinyl statues or Fathead stickable wall adornments just don’t begin to do justice. Just how exactly do you honor Deadpool, Marvel’s inimitable fourth-wall demolishing Merc With A Mouth, with anything less than a full-size tribute in full color with hand-painted detail?

This life-sized Deadpool replica instantly becomes any room’s center of undivided attention in 1:1 scale based on his classic appearance. Wade W. Wilson himself ships in two boxes with the simplest assembly of his foam rubber and latex pieces required. Even his twin katanas’ grips are faithfully recreated down to the last texture.

There’s only one Deadpool. Since there’s also only one Ryan Reynolds, this handsome devil is about as close to The Big Chimichanga as you’ll get in person without a felony kidnapping indictment.


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Bring on the Chimichangas

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