Life-Size Slimer Replica Recreates Ghostbusters Action Minus His Smell

Enjoy some fun GHOSTBUSTERS factoids while you leave your chin “dripping with goo” drooling over this life-sized Slimer replica.

Did you know this ugly little spud wasn’t initially called “Slimer”? As a matter of fact, an early script for the original 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS labeled the green guy “The Onionhead Ghost” due to his way of disturbing Sedgewick Hotel guests with his rank odor. Of course, he was known officially as neither “Slimer” nor “Onionhead” on the set. In fact, Dan Aykroyd tipped his cap to his late and famously over-indulgent Blues Brothers partner by calling the grody green pig-out machine “The Ghost of John Belushi”. It was the 1991 animated spin-off THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS that finally gave the guy a name that stuck.

Good news: this three-foot NECA replica doesn’t reek like a garbage disposal. Every piece is authentically replicated from the original special effects mold used production of the original GHOSTBUSTERS. Be forewarned, these are handmade and hand-painted latex and foam rubber statues crafted with perfectly recreated details; the extensive labor visibly poured into each item is abundantly impressive, but that same process also more than justifies a $600 price tag.

Keep an eye out for these Slimer replicas when they become available everywhere this June.

Life-Size Slimer Replica (3)Life-Size Slimer Replica (2)Life-Size Slimer Replica (1)Life-Size Slimer Replica (7)Life-Size Slimer Replica (6)Life-Size Slimer Replica (5)

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