Life-Size Hulk Statue Brings the Avengers Action to Your Mancave

Can’t get enough of Iron Man, Thor, and the Avengers team? Sure, you may have seen the movie, but just because you saw it doesn’t mean you have to go back to your mundane life. Get a life-size remodel of that mancave with a testament to one of your favorite characters!

If you simply can’t get enough of superhero awesomeness a life-size Hulk statue is now available for pre order for the most die-hard fans of Marvel Avengers. Two life-size fiberglass models are currently available from Polymark Toys [French website], the smaller one standing at 9 feet and the larger at a surprising 11 feet weighing a huge 400 lbs.

Just imagine how unnerved your guests will be when you show them this epic rendering of the Hulk! Though there’s definitely a large price tag attached, just imagine what this badass sculpture will do for your ego.

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