Life Size Dancing Groot Motion Statue Is Ready To Dance With You

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ – a hit movie that received far more attention than expected, scratched the sci-fi itch that has been building over the last few years, due to a lack of science fiction movies. Actually, the cast of characters is the main reason for the movie’s success.

The characters Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and of course, Star-Lord, were all big hits, but it was the character “Groot” who captured the audience the most, in the end.

The little potted “Groot” shrub at the end of the movie was nothing less than cute, and people of all ages have taken to collecting things related to the movie, like Groot figurines, stuffed toys and now, a 13” polystone statues of “Groot” is available, and it actually sways whenever you touch it.

These are limited edition items painstakingly constructed to please the “Groot” lover. You like the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’? Then you will absolutely love to get your hands on this adorable dancing scale statue of “Groot.”

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Life Size Dancing Groot Motion Statue
Life Size Dancing Groot Motion Statue
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