Life-Size BTTF DeLorean Cake Is Delicious Any Time

Since we acknowledge the possibility a few people out there might have spent last week somewhere both on a 30-year cultural delay and bereft of internet access, the world at large marked BACK TO THE FUTURE Day on Oct. 21, a literally once-in-a-lifetime occasion dedicated to Pepsi Perfect, self-lacing Nikes, hoverboards, the Chicago Cubs finally winning the big one, and of course, one flying DeLorean’s journey from 1985 to…Oct. 21, 2015.

Yes, that was the envisioned future in which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) arrived in 1989’s BACK TO THE FUTURE II with the intention of saving Marty’s destiny from his own children. How did it all pan out over the course of the actual 30 years that led us to that real-life date’s eventual reality? Well…

  • Hoverboards are a work in progress, thanks largely to Lexus engineers.
  • Pepsi marked the occasion with a limited real-life release of Pepsi Perfect.
  • Michael J. Fox indeed received the very first working pair of self-lacing Nikes.
  • Electric cars have been realized, but still don’t fly.
  • Only four movies in the JAWS franchise, as opposed to 18 sequels.
  • Cubs get swept out of the NLCS on BACK TO THE FUTURE Day by the New York Mets. Ouch.

OK, so BACK TO THE FUTURE II wasn’t the most prophetic speculative fiction ever – at least, not in terms of being day-and-date accurate. That being said, if we can forever more mark the occasion with life-size DeLorean cakes, we are 100% down with making every Oct. 21 henceforth BACK TO THE FUTURE Day.

Yes, thanks to Tattooed Bakers, that is indeed an edible time machine, complete with a working smoke machine in the “exhaust” for effect, liquorice wires….the works.

Hey, we figure, it we’re going to eat a time machine, why not do it with style?


Source – Thats Nerdalicious via TattooedBakery


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