LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ Vacuum Is A Security Robot Sentinel That Can Be Watched From Your Phone

There’s just one question that the upgraded lineup of LG CordZero vacuum cleaners leaves us to ponder: does a vacuum really need augmented reality?

LG will no doubt make HOM-BOT Turbo+, the home appliance industry’s first and only AR-equipped robotic vacuum cleaner, a centerpiece of its CES 2016 lineup alongside the companion cordless CordZero Canister, CordZero 2-in-1 handstick unit and CordZero Bedding Cleaner as unique tangle-free “smart” cleaning experiences. The Home-Joy AR interface technology lets users direct the HOM-BOT Turbo+ via any smartphone camera right to areas requiring some extra attention. Owners need only tap any part of an image delivered by Triple Eye camera sensors and the super-intelligent vacuum will post haste going to town on its newly endangered dust bunny population.

Those same cameras record the vacuum’s entire surrounding area in detail from floor to ceiling (literally) and tracks areas it has successfully tidied up. The front-mounted camera’s Home-View camera streams the real-time feed to a pair smartphone, allowing for remote control cleaning from any place at any time. Meanwhile, Home-Guard activates upon sensing any movement to provide extra peace of mind with photos of the inside of the home sent directly to a device. While actually cleaning, the dual CPUs of the Robonavi intelligent software system allow the HOM-BOT Turbo+ to evade oncstables including stairs as it independetly naviages your home.

To top it all off, an unmatched 10-year warranty protects the HOM-BOT Turbo+’s ultra-powerful Smart Inverter Motor for an extra-long lifetime of service.

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