LG Door-in-Door Smart Fridge Let’s You See What’s Inside By Knocking

It’s here, it’s here! LG’s Door-in-Door Fridge has many people excited because it eliminates wasted food, along with the chore of trying to remember to check the expiration on the perishables you buy.

Equipped with InstaView – an integrated screen that displays all the food you have stashed in your fridge, along with the expiration dates, you can now know the current state of your food stuff, and then remove any ‘bad’ food before it spoils.

Because it has a wide-angle camera mounted ‘inside’, you never have to open the fridge to check your food, and, using an app, you can see if there is anything you lack and need to buy at the grocery store.

This is a kitchen game-changer smartfridge that any aspiring chef would love to store their food inside because it can effectively manage and eliminate expiration issues and food spoilage.

There are other helpful features you’ll discover, such as being able to leave messages or memos to others in the house, and voice activated Alexa will aid you with access to the Internet while you cook, get ready for work, or play music, by searching for recipes, checking traffic conditions, and playing your favorite music list.

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"Food grazing" is easier than ever

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