Lexus RC F Remote Control Car Is No Ordinary Toy Car

We can never hide our smirks at one clever-but-pointed Kanye West quip in “All Falls Down” about accepting expectation-versus-reality gaps: “She couldn’t afford a car/so she named her daughter ‘Alexis’.” Leave it to Barney’s – yes, as in the renowned New York luxury clothier – to celebrate even radio-controlled cars that are just a cut above – such as, say, this RC replica Lexus RC F.

Tonka? Tyco? Forget it. When your special lad or lass brings home straight A’s, hand over the controls to this lovingly recreated facsimile of Lexus’s premiere luxury coupe. This 16-inch-long RC model’s all-wheel drive chassis comes fully assembled and ready to roll powered by either NiMH or LiPo batteries. High grip racing tires mount don 20-spoke replica wheels guarantee handling on part with the real deal’s butter-smooth ride, complete with accurately scaled brake components.

Metric hardware and ball bearings added throughout are calibrated to handle the Reedy 3300kV 540 brushless motor’s heavy output and ensure unmatched performance on any driveway or sidewalk.

Imported in your choice of silver or black, this is no little-boy toy. It may not set you back the balance of a full college fund like the real deal, but at $350, you are paying for every cent’s worth of superior RC enjoyment.
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