Lexus Origami Cardboard Car Really Works, Just Don’t Get It Wet.

Let’s recap for just a moment.

It is now 2015. The Chicago Cubs not only made the postseason for the first time in over a decade and actually will face the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLDS. Sure, Universal stopped themselves at four JAWS movies, but who would disagree that we’re better off for not having made it to JAWS 19? Pepsi Perfect is a thing we can all buy. Lexus has even kinda-sorta made forward progress toward a fully functional hoverboard.

Still, meanwhile, not only do we have neither Mr. Fusion nor flying cars, but Lexus actually cooled things down a notch or two and unveiled a full-size sedan made entirely out of 1,700 recycled laser-cut cardboard sheets.

Oh, and the Lexus Origami Car is a fully functional vehicle. Yes, a five-member team from Scales and Models Company digitally designed, modeled, laser-cut and assembled an operational sedan based on a 3D digital model of the Lexus IS. The build team split the main body, dashboard, seats, wheels and the rest of the vehicle into their own separate sets of principal parts, then digitally rended numerous “slices” of each piece for two-dimensional profiles. Those profiles where then laser cut, one by one, into 1,700 10mm-thick pieces. Some assembly with water-based wood glue and three months of painstaking attention to detail was required, but today, the Origami car lives, runs, and could probably be broken down for celebratory breakdancing.

Source – Inhabitat

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