Levitating Bluetooth Speakers Defies Gravity With Pumping Sound

If you are like most mp4 music lovers out there, then you most definitely have a Bluetooth speaker of some kind, because no wires makes moving from room to room easier, to say the least.

Well, there is a plethora of Bluetooth speakers on the market today, in every shape, size and color imaginable, and they are all the same in that they play music, and look great, but there are very few that stand, or float, above the rest, such as the Levitating Bluetooth Speakers .

The levitating Bluetooth speakers looks a lot like a flying saucer, and the speaker itself is the truly unique part of the whole thing, because it seems to levitate on thin air, while playing music, like an angel.

When it comes to the actual music, like angelic sounds, the 3D surround sound that comes out of the Bluetooth speakers is distortion-free. Not only does it look amazingly futuristic – the orb speaker floating in thin air, but it also produces amazing LED visual effects, which makes the speaker look like a dreamy planet when you turn off the lights.

If you love your music, and you are looking for some unique Bluetooth speakers, then look no farther than the Levitating Bluetooth Speakers.


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