Letter Spacing Fails Have Us Looking Like a Bunch of 80081ES

You’re no grammar aficionado. Hell, you can hardly spell short words. Why not leave the hard job to more capable hands? Oh wait, even advertising can screw up the most simple job given to them. It’s true and fully covered in this reel of ridiculous spacing fails.

What is it about the spacing of c and l that make look like a d? We don’t know, but when you get a Lego dick brick instead of a click brick you might be caught with your jaw dropped. Or what’s the most embarrassing license plate you’ve seen up to date? LRG PKG? BJ MOM? No, it’s ANUSTART. Read between the lines silly pants!

Whatever you do, just stay educated about your English or the next time your professor may have you preparing for the anal instead of a final!

Source – BoredPanda 


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