Lego Joker Manor Brings Home All The Chaotic Comedy Of “The Lego Batman Movie” In One Giant Box

For all the time Batman probably spends devising counter-measures to prevent evolved criminals such as the Joker out of Wayne Manor, he and the Bat Family surely must have looked around their domestic surroundings once or twice and wondered to themselves, “Is this even a setting befitting the Clown Prince of Crime?”

Well, feel free to ponder that exact matter of personal taste yourself as you assemble Lego’s Joker Manor Playset. Based on Mr. J’s inspired guerrilla redecoration in “The Lego Batman Movie,” this kit spares no detail among more than 3,435 pieces to greet its 10 minifigures in style, from a functional three-car rollercoaster making circuits around the mansion’s exterior and an impressive buildable Joker head with a trapdoor and accompanying slide to six fantastically furnished interior rooms. The finished product will stand more than 21 inches tall and celebrate a far more jolly king of the DC Universe’s most iconic castle.

Recreate any cinematic moment you choose with your choice of Classic or Disco Batman and Joker along with Disco Batgirl, Disco Robin, Barbara Gordon, Nightwing, Alfred Pennyworth or Harley Quinn and don’t forget to equip your guests with Harley’s bat, Barbara’s revolver and Batman’s Batarang. A garish “The Joker” sign rocks back and forth alongside a punctuating “Ha! Ha!” sign while letting any incoming would-be heroes know they’re not in the friendlier confines of Gotham City anymore. That rotating “big eye” tower’s lever-operated iris is always scanning the perimeter in search of guests daring to slip past the two buildable translucent bombs flanking the grand entrance. Feel free to enlist a few henchman from some other set to occupy the two-level and three-level towers’ turrets and keep an eye on those two wheel-operated punching boxing gloves. After all, someone has to keep all these wonderful toys in fine working order.

Speaking of, just what beguiling wonders would some wayward, wandering do-gooder find inside? We’re so glad you hypothetically might have asked:

  • An entrance hall adorned with four bendable plastic mirrors
  • A living room highlighted by a buildable grand piano and stool, a tasteful bust and elegant fireplace with translucent-red fire elements
  • An intimate screen room with screen, seat and romantic DVD element
  • A well-stocked kitchen including a buildable microwave with lobster, lemon and plate elements, decorated tiles and cup, pot and pan elements
  • A well-equipped music studio with buildable loudspeakers and mixing desk, seat and a guitar element
  • A swank swimming pool with translucent-blue water elements
  • An austere attic with a pair of buildable boxes and a rat figure

What more could any hard-working homicidal sociopath want, are we right?

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Ultimate LEGO Batman Set

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