LEGO Disney Minifigures Feature 18 Iconic Disney Characters

Just one thing escapes us: when it comes to two iconic champions of the power of imagination, how in the world did it take almost 16 years for LEGO to release its first 18-character Minifigure collection of Disney’s most famous faces?

Well, the 18th LEGO Minifigure collection is certainly better than “never”. From PETER PAN and the animated ALICE IN WONDERLAND to Disney+Pixar’s unforgettable TOY STORY trilogy and THE INCREDIBLES, the debut set presents a fittingly complete tribute to the full spectrum of Disney’s animated universe that includes several never-before-seen LEGO likenesses of unforgettable personalities.

Naturally, Disney’s premiere Minifigure collection is headlined by none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse, along with their favorite chummy couple, Donald Duck and his lovely Daisy. That beloved foursome is hardly coming to the party alone, however. Alice and the Cheshire Cat of the animated classic ALICE IN WONDERLAND will join SLEEPING BEAUTY’s malevolent Maleficent and PETER PAN’s titular boy who wouldn’t grow up and nemesis Captain Hook in representing Disney’s landmark 1950s era of timeless animated features. THE LITTLE MERMAID’s Ariel and Ursula commemorate the 1990s’ landmark achievements alongside ALADDIN’s Genie and…well, Aladdin. Meanwhile, Stitch of the heartwarming Hawaiian adventure LILO & STITCH salutes Disney’s finer hours of the 2000s.

LEGO also introduces a first-ever tribute to the trailblazing collaborations of Disney and revolutionary computer animation house Pixar. For the first time ever, the LEGO Minifigure universe welcomes Buzz Lightyear and the adorable Alien squeak-toy from TOY STORY and arch rivals Mr. Incredible and villainous Syndrome of the not-quite-Fantastic-Four-but-better superhero tale THE INCREDIBLES.

The first-ever Disney LEGO Minifigures will release through toy retailers everywhere, and LEGO Stores nationwide this May at an introductory price of $3.99 each.

Source – Lego

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