LEGO Dimensions! So LEGO of Reality and Check it Out !

LEGO sets based on other franchises like Batman and Simpsons have been making a huge splash for a while now and it seems the company has happened on a formula that pretty much allows them to print money.

As the LEGO Movie showed though, LEGO doesn’t necessarily need to ride on the success of another franchise. It’s kind of a franchise all its own these days. That’s the idea behind LEGO dimensions which runs with the idea postulated in that film that LEGO sets represent different ‘worlds’ for the little people to explore. If the ending shows us anything, it looks like they may visit OZ and go Back To The Future! Hint-Hint!

The first trailer has just landed and it looks pretty cool, even if it doesn’t tell us much about the sets. It’s kind of based on Jumanji and represents some serious ‘world building’ for these tools. Check it out!

Also: DC, what have you done to Batman?

Source – TheAwesomer

LEGO Dimensions
LEGO Dimensions



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