Lego Boost Educational Robot Teaches Kids To Create & Code Stuff

Today’s children are growing up around technology like never before, and when it comes toys, anything having to do with robots is a huge ‘hit’ with kids. One toy company that is very familiar with what children like to play with is melding the old with the new, to create an educational toy that is relevant today with children.

Lego Boost is the next generation of educational robots kits, building from the company’s previous robot kit – Mindstorm, which uses older Lego pieces to construct a working robot. The new Lego kit also lets children construct the body of their robot.

The new Boost kits includes everything a child needs to build a working robot, such as over 800 Lego pieces, small motors, programmable bricks, and an iOS or Android device to easily code commands using an app that comes with it.

The Lego robot kit comes in various models, a cat, a robot, a guitar, an autobuilder, and a mini rover, all are designed to appeal to kids ages 7 and up. Using the app, children can choose preset coding instructions, which allows them to program their robots to do a number of movements.

The Lego Boost makes for a special gift item, and with all the possible commands kids can code into their creation, it is an educational toy they will never forget to play with.

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