LED Word Clock Helps You Forget Your Hatred of Numbers

Not everyone can be inherently awesome at life, but for you the struggle may be all too real. You hardly passed high-school algebra, and whether you’re at home or in the office you are just barraged with numbers all the time. Now before you sledgehammer every conventional clock or computer in sight, remember your words with a clock that doesn’t actually have any digits on it.

ThinkGeek has released their LED Word Clock to the masses. Rather than annoy you with numbers, this clock spells out the time for you in bright white LED light. Simply set the device when the current time is in a 5-minute interval and you’re ready to go.

Whether you’re dyslexic or just simply tired from the work day, use those words.

LED Word Clock 1 LED Word Clock 2 LED Word Clock 4 LED Word Clock 5

Source – ThinkGeek

LED Word Clock
LED Word Clock
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