LED Potion Desk Lamp Gives Your Desk Magical Ambiance

Here’s a little something to make your abode the toast of Tristram: a ThinkGeek-exclusive and original color-changeable LED Potion Desk Lamp.

Have a big project deadline looming and low on HP with no Mountain Dew, no coffee and nary a healer in sight (i.e., your friends all have actual FUN plans)? Give this touch-activated lamp a tap to scroll through the RGB LED to the red, yellow, blue or green brew you need to press onward. Inspiration running dry as you plot next week’s D&D campaign? “Magically” transform your resin-“liquid” potion to replenish your imaginative magic. Just feeling entirely drained of all your vitality at once? Go for Slow-Fade to let the potion drift through its spectrum.


Feeling a bit more emphatic? Instead of the gentle stroke of a finger, give the cork a solid downward thump to change the mood of your 5 foot radius around its caster. If you’re the theatrical sort, we might even suggest purchased several to line up on your shelf in different colors.

The glass bottle adorned with a zinc-alloy charm pairs with a plastic base that channels pure mana through a micro-USB with included cable that plugs either into a computer port or an AC adapter (also included).


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