LED Lightsaber Umbrella Fends Off The Dark (And Wet) Side

Somewhere on Dec. 18, as STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS descends upon theaters worldwide to the orgasmic glee of nerds across the globe, a little rain may fall on the parade. Soaked clothes, ruined cosplays – a Jedi craves not these things.

Hey, we’re just saying, Amazon’s fasting shipping options could still deliver this Lightsaber LED Umbrella to your door in time to tote it to the theater in case of Dagobah-like weather that awaits the queue for admission. With the press of a button, the 32.5″ shaft lights up from the stylishly designed handle in any of multiple color modes.

May the Force – and warm dryness – be with you always during the next storm.
LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (4)LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (5)LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (3)LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (6)LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (1)LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (7)LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (2)LED-Lightsaber-Lighted-Umbrella (8)

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